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Our Outreach Projects

Building connections with individuals and families impacted by epilepsy is our mission. And one of the most powerful ways to build relationships is through art. We are honored to be able to provide free art classes/activities to all of those in our community that are affected by epilepsy. We strive to provide 3+ art creation events throughout the year. Feel free to contact us with requests or ideas for future art projects! We would love to hear from you!


Family Fun Day

A beautiful afternoon where families had the chance to meet one another, play games, win prizes, and complete an art project! Everyone took home a flower pot that they painted with a delicate flower planted inside. 


Filling Art Bags!

We had an amazing group of volunteers fill over 200 bags with art supplies for
both kids and adults impacted by epilepsy. Most bags will be given to patients in the hospital for
extended stays usually for monitoring brain activity.

Pinot's Palette Paint Nights

A fun, free painting night for caregivers of individuals with epilepsy.


Check out our events page for our future Pinot's Palette evenings!

barn quilts.jpg

Barn Quilts

Given a choice of 3 different designs, we spent the afternoon walking through the process of taping off and painting unique mini wooden barn quilts with caregivers and adults with epilepsy. 

Inspirational Quote Signs

We had an evening of sharing stories, laughs, and a few tears with caregivers of individuals with epilepsy. We offered a variety of quotes to choose from with art instructors present for any help needed!


Mosaic Stepping Stones

A day of art, pizza, and good times! We made beautiful concrete stepping stones decorated with mosaics designed by children and young adults with epilepsy. 

Donating Art Bags

We are grateful to have the opportunity to continually provide art project bags to children completing long-term neurological testing at Children's Hospital. These bags bring some fun and a break from the difficulty and monotony of these extensive tests. 

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