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Why the Butterfly?

Janet Scherrer at her jewelry bench

ART4Epilepsy was born the summer of 2016 after our family learned much more about epilepsy through a tragic event.  We learned that epilepsy can cause psychosis, and we learned that epilepsy can be deadly.  Our family lost 2 amazing artists- Janet Scherrer gifted jeweler and skilled ceramics artist, and Eric Scherrer, a natural savant of mixed media applied to canvas creating spectacular renditions of famous statues, battles and historic military figures.  It is in their honor that our organization was created.

ART4Epilepsy seeks to share the joy, adventure and escape that art can bring to those living with or impacted by epilepsy.  We have offered art sessions for people to meet others, learn a new skill and enjoy time away from epilepsy and its demands.  We are proud to offer these opportunities and continued to do so through COVID- and we will continue to!

You may have noticed our butterfly logo.  The butterfly is significant to us.  Our lovely emblem was created as a silver piece by Janet long ago.  After our family’s tragedy, we embraced this butterfly as the symbol of hope that ART4Epilepsy provides- as butterflies are free, so too we hope that someday all individuals will be free from epilepsy.  Until that time, we will continue to offer a little freedom to those impacted by epilepsy, and hope to instill a love of art.

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