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ART4Epilepsy is a non-profit foundation created to support individuals affected by Epilepsy through Awareness, Resources, and Treatment.  All donations are completely tax-deductible.

ART4Epilepsy collaborates with The Epilepsy Foundation of Missouri/Kansas ( to raise Awareness about Epilepsy through an annual walk and other activities.

ART4Epilepsy provides Resources to those impacted by Epilepsy via art supplies for pediatric patients and by direct support to those needing to access care.

ART4Epilepsy provides funding support to academic institutions researching new Treatments that will reduce symptoms and improve quality of life for those living with Epilepsy.

Please consider donating to ART4Epilepsy. It is preferable to accept a check due to fees associated with the website. Please reach out on the "Let's Chat!" function below.

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